Lunch at the Berber Nomad Restaurant in Nkob

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Experience an authentic culinary adventure at the Berber Nomad Restaurant in Nkob. Immerse yourself in the rich Berber culture while savoring delicious traditional dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. From fragrant tagines to hearty couscous, each bite will transport you to the culinary traditions of Morocco. With a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, the Berber Nomad Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable lunch during your visit to Nkob. We await you with open arms and a table set to welcome you!

Restaurant Nkob

For a dining experience to remember, consider visiting Restaurant Nkob, also known as Raj Raj, at Station Ziz. Indulge in the flavors of authentic Moroccan cuisine amidst the warm and inviting ambiance of this charming establishment. From mouthwatering tajines to savory couscous, Restaurant Nkob offers a delightful array of traditional dishes prepared with care and expertise. Whether you’re a traveler passing through or a local looking for a delicious meal, Restaurant Nkob welcomes you with open arms and promises a dining experience that will leave you satisfied and wanting more.


Meet Youssef, a valued team member at Restaurant Nkob, our culinary oasis tucked away in the heart of ZIZ Petrol.

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